About us

We are founded by a leading academic and researcher in the field of Software Engineering.

Our story

It started with a small group of aspiring developers who want to figure out a way to put out a service that can help a multitude of people for their own needs. While we were negotiating, a stranger asked us to help out move some furniture. Given that we do not have experience with moving furniture, we still decided to help out the stranger. After that task, it gave us an idea. What if we have build a platform where services are provided to the public, while be easily accessed at the right price. That is why we created the MyBee App. The purpose of the app is to let users easily access a catalog of services provided by companies or freelancers. This app is really important because not only it helps out users with their needs, but also gives an opportunity for small businesses to grow larger.

Who are we?

Our small and passionate team is dedicated to growing your business and making services more accessible for everyone. MyBee is a platform that makes it easy to find what you need exactly when you need it. We believe in supporting our community, enhancing your businesses, and providing professional services in the easiest way possible. Find out more about our story and meet our founders.

What’s up with the name?

The MyBee name sounds obscure when you first look at it. But let us look on how a bee works. Bees need to survive by going through pollination with plants and flowers. After pollination, the plants that were pollinated are able to yield fruits and seeds. This process is somewhat similar to the relationship between small companies and the customers. Small companies provide services for them to make business, and customers use those services to satisfy their own needs.

Meet our team

  • Tariqule Khan


  • Franndy Abreu

    CTO / Co-Founder

  • Kavi Sri

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Pegah Fallah

    Senior Frontend Engineer / PM

  • Eric Nguyen

    Full Stack Developer

  • Kelly Tan

    QA Lead

  • Hoang Ha

    Front End Engineer

  • Orrin Cruz

    Mobile Developer

  • Donnah Masimango

    Marketing Intern

  • Nitish Grover

    Quality Assurance Intern